We have lots of friends who have had babies recently, and quite a few of them live nearby. Some of us get together monthly or so for a play date. Here are some pics from back in January–they all look so much bigger already!


It was pretty funny that day because Joel had all the lenses except one, which was one we usually use at weddings to get candid shots of people from far away, so I had to stand clear across the room to get any pics!


K is below with our good friend, Laura, who’s a lactation consultant and post-partum doula. Other friends here are Gina, Leah and Angela.










baby friends

We went up to Mt. Hood to go tubing with some friends, the Murrays, as another part of E’s birthday. It was really fun! Here are the pics–we already posted the video earlier.



















































Snow angels:




And then the adults (who wren’t holding the baby and the camera) got in a snowball fight:




And the kids hid:





There goes the inner-tube, crawling down the mountain!



This one’s a shield:



Room for two?



And that was our fun day!

Snow Day!

On his actual birthday he had a temperature, but he felt better by the evening so we tried out the little pizza faces you saw in the last post about his family party.






House details…(you’d think we were at a wedding!)









Instead of a friend party we had a bunch of play dates, although I think I only took pictures at this one. A few days after his birthday his friend Ethan came over, and Ethan’s little sister Esther. They had fun making pizza faces, too–especially eating the cheese!





More of E’s birthday festivities

Joel took some pics this month, too, so here are some of his.






















K’s 3.5 month photo shoot part 2

I decided to take matters into my own hands and do my own photo shoot of K for his 3-month photos, or I figured they weren’t going to get done! So 4 lenses and 3 wardrobe changes later, here are some of the best ones.

















Every baby needs and acoustic…





…and an electric!







K’s 3.5 month photo shoot

E had a temperature the day before his birthday so we ended up postponing his party for a week–several others were sick as well. We had a family party, and then we had several of his friends over for play dates throughout the month of February. (Some we still have to schedule/reschedule, that reminds me…)


We got the idea to make little pizzas with faces from High Five magazine, which his great-grandparents got for him for Christmas–thanks!



K had a great time, as you can see…




Mmm…Sweetest Thing Cupcakes!!! So good.

















E’s 4th Birthday

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In February we cashed in on some trade work Joel did for a local B&B. We either got two nights, or one night and we could invite friends, so we invited our good friends the Rupps. Their son W is about 3 1/2 months older than K. There’s a series below of them “playing” together. K mostly refused to look at the camera, but W made some fun faces!
















The sun was shining and one of the neighbor kids was out riding her bike when we got home today, so we got out E’s bike and he rode it for the first time where he’s really ridden it by himself (with training wheels).  It was pretty cool! There is also a shot of K smiling at the end.


bike ridin’ boy!

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We got some pets this week! We started out with two year-old chickens and a coop that Joel fixed up from his brother and sister-in-law. Then we got two more adult chickens from a friend. Then, right after our hike mentioned in my last post, we went to Wilco and bought two baby chicks! K was obviously thrilled about the idea:



As was E:




Here are our two. They don’t have names yet. He named one of the hens Chicka the Chicken. We’ll have to wait and see on the others.






K likes the noises they make.



Here they are with the light off so you can see them better:






One of these days I’ll take pictures of the hens and the coop, but they’re not as cute so they haven’t had pictures taken yet…

chickens & chicks

We’ve been having lots of adventures lately, starting with hanging out around the house:




Our living room looks like this most nights we’re home, because E & Daddy use every available cushion to wrestle and do flips.




Our one and only snow day for the winter! Joel & E went with Bryan and W to drive around in the mountains around town.



Photo by E:




We led worship at Pastors Conference at Twin Rocks last week, and got one sunny day, which is all one can really ask for in early March on the Oregon coast!



K didn’t exactly SEE the ocean, but he was there…




We had lots of friends there, and it was fun having our kids get to know each other.






In case you can’t tell, the kite shortly flew away down the beach. Luckily Brad caught it!






Daddy, K & E go on an adventure up the stream:








We got a new (to us) double Burley bike trailer! K is too small for it yet, but I thought I’d put the boys in there anyway just to try it out. Probably by this summer he’ll be big enough to go in it as a stroller, although he has to be big enough to sit forward in a car seat before he can ride in it as a bike trailer.




Our friend Sarai’s big 3-0! (We got to go with no little guys–thanks Nana!) We got to see lots of friends from college.




My sis ordered this fish…it still has teeth. She made sure I saw that part, since I’m a vegetarian.






We didn’t get pics of the really amazing tofu french fries! Seriously. I was skeptical but they were awesome!!!





Today was a beautiful day so we decided to go hiking…at about 12:30pm. Therefore, we had to go somewhere close. Magness Memorial Tree Farm is about 25 minutes from our house and it’s a pretty easy hike with varying distances of loops. Joel had a film camera so I was in charge of the digital.




Self portrait:



K had a great time!




Looking at tracks:








E had a ladybug on his hood so I took a pic so he could see it.




And one last family pic…